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Our Loan Process

We have engineered our process to assure that we meet your closing date and strive to fund your loan after closing. Understanding the loan process can help you be prepared to take that step towards homeownership.

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Loan Application

Apply online, meet with a Loan Officer face-to-face, or communicate through email, phone or fax.

Review customized loan products to meet your individual needs.

Supreme Lending maintains communication with you throughout the loan process to closing.


Loan Set-Up

Order residential appraisal.

Send required disclosures to client.

Send verification to applicable entities.


Loan Processing

The processor is your contact during all processing and compiling of information for loan submission. Email all information for loan processing to your processor.



Evaluation of credit and property performed by Supreme Lending in determining adherence to our guidelines.



Supreme Lending sends prepared docs to the title company.

Supreme Lending prepares Closing Disclosure then provides final closing figures.

Loan Officer will send prepared Closing Disclosure for borrower signature 3 days prior to closing.


Post Closing

Please feel free to call us for any assistance you may need after closing. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your mortgage needs.

Navigate the Home Loan Process With Supreme Lending

At Supreme Lending, we know the home loan process can be stressful. Our team of dedicated professionals helps each customer understand the timeline involved in securing a mortgage. Our team will be with you every step of the way, from your home loan application to getting your loan approved, all the way to your home loan closing and move-in day. We will assist you through all the steps needed to complete your loan process checklist — up until you have a set of keys in your hand.

Whether you’re looking for home loan underwriting for your primary residence or a second home, Supreme Lending has a variety of loan programs available to help get you in the home of your dreams, even if that home is a condo. If you’re looking to purchase property as an investment, Supreme Lending also has people in place to guide you through the steps required to land that rental home or house flip.

Supreme Lending Makes the Home Loan Application Process Easy to Understand

When it comes to home loan processing, there’s a lot of specialized terms used in the mortgage industry that you may not have seen before. We don’t want to leave you scratching your head with confusion during your home loan application or any part of the home loan process. That’s why we’ve created our Mortgage Dictionary to cover all the terms you need to know, from ARMs to VA and everything in between. Never be afraid to ask our friendly, experienced professionals any questions you have.

Let Supreme Lending Help You With Home Loan Processing to Score Your Dream Home

Whether you are brand new to the home loan process and want to understand the nuts and bolts of how a mortgage works, or you’re an old pro, we have the answers you need to help you feel more confident and comfortable. If you have specific questions about a loan or just want to find out more, please contact us today and our team of friendly mortgage professionals will be happy to help you find the right answers.

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